Who is Namasiku Zambwe?

By Martha Matongo

SHE is a lovely young lady with the mind of her own, a Senior Social Worker in the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare in Zambezi Region, who holds a Bachelor Degree in social work from the University of Namibia.

In her interview with Caprivi Vision why she chose social work as a career among others, Namasiku Sharon Zambwe said that it is a challenging career which is diverse.

Ms.Namasiku Sharon Zambwe
Ms.Namasiku Sharon Zambwe

She started working in Katima Mulilo as a social worker until this month when she was transferred to !Karas region into her new position she was promoted to   as a senior social worker.

 When were you born?

I was born on the 10th of March 1989

Place of birth?

Kalimbeza village, Kabbe North Constituency, Zambezi Region

Who are your parents?

My mother is the late Chaze Kalimbula and my father is Mr. Chrispin Zambwe

 Your Educational background?

I started school in 1994 at Isize Combined School and completed my grade 12 at Caprivi Senior Secondary School in 2005

Why did you choose social work as your career?

I choose social work because it is a challenging profession which is diverse as it allows you to work in any organization of your choice and that I have a passion of seeing change in other people’s lives

What is your favourite food?

Pap with chicken

Your marital status?


Your favourite sport?

I love volleyball

Who is your role model in life?

My mother is my role model as she took care of me as an independent woman

 How many people (clients) is your respected office serving per day, week, month and year?

In a day I can serve more than ten people and by the end of the year it’s more than a 100

What was your inspiration when you took your job on the first day?

I was inspired by the new skills gained from the university I could wait to start applying them on my clients

Your advice to the young people who want to follow suit your career, what do they need to have to further the course of social work and where?

Social Work is a career that needs commitment from you as a student and it is been offered by the University of Namibia in Windhoek main campus, you have to qualify for UNAM admission which is 25 points in five subjects and a c symbol in English it is a four year course. Many institutions can offer you with a bursary or loan to further your studies in social work


Peer groups play important role in our society, so what is your comment and advice to the youth who want to become successful in life when socializing with these peer groups?

Peers play a part in everyone’s life it is up to you to know what you want to achieve in life, everyone should have a goal in life and steps on how to reach the goal , therefore you should not be mislead by someone in doing what you really want and what you think you can do better. Do not doubt your capabilities as long as you put your efforts in looking for something you shall receive it. Hard works really pays. Whenever you are in a group remember to be yourself as that group is made of different people with different personalities. Being in the helping profession is a very challenging field which has its negative and positive sides but in all learn to distinguish your private and professional life.


Your final message?

Mostly our work in the Ministry is based on three strategic objectives

which are :(1)To expand and strengthen the social protection system for children (2)To comply with international treaties accession/ ratification,

Namasiku Sharon Zambwe
Namasiku Sharon Zambwe

Monitoring and reporting obligations (3)To ensure that services for children and their families are effectively managed, implemented, monitored and evaluated. We work with children as a social worker i make sure that all children are protected, with the necessarily laws abiding them and also make sure that they access services that they need.

Social work is a profession which requires commitment from you the social worker and the client you are working with, we do not do magic but change is needed and it is always easy when the client wants to change/ improve their lives. We do not change people but we give options and professional

In this career there are five most components in it which are: Therapeutic

individual counselling, Family/Group therapy, Community work, Management and Research. Therefore if you want to be a social worker be prepared to have the necessarily skills in applying the five mentioned component in your work as a social worker.

Our clients expect a lot from us but in the end of that helping profession the client has to put more efforts for improving their situations.








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