Mukupi Family fight over Land estate worth N$12 Million with Katima Council

By Staff Reporter

Eight (8) children of the late politician and popularly businessman Felix Kabuku (Njangula) Mukupi have expressed concerns over the inheritance of their late father’s estate properties and accused Katima Council for conflict of interest.

On the centre stage is Mr. Aldrin Kabuku Mukupi the first born son of the late former councilor of Sibbinda Constituency   who is accusing Katima Council’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Charles Nawa and Mr. Salubila Maswahu, Chairperson of the Management Committee of Katima Mulilio Town Council for conflict of interest.

On the centre stage is Mr. Aldrin Kabuku Mukupi,Katima Mulilo Town Counci Chief Executive Officer Mr. Charles Nawa ( Right ) and and Mr. Salubila Maswahu, Chairperson of the Management Committee of Katima Mulilo Town Council.

He alleged to Caprivi Vision that Mr. Nawa abused his powers in office for grabbing the prime land situated at banks of  Zambezi river  in the north east of the town which he claims to be  his father’s plot while Councillor  Maswahu who was nominated to look after  the estate (properties ) of his father is accused of manipulating  the administrative process for change of  ownership of his father’s assets.

“ The plot was given to the CEO without telling us , we are  the biological children of the late Mukupi, we never told Mr.Maswahu that we failed to pay , we could have to arrange that with the financial institutions they should not only decide for us” lamented angry Kabuku.

He is accusing Councillor Maswahu for abusing powers of his office “we need good leaders in SWAPO we are also SWAPO members” warned Mukupi.

“I the first born of the late I will never allow someone to come and separate me and my young sisters and brothers, I need a fair lawyer and everyone need to share equally. When my father died his Excellency President Hifikepunye Pohamba expressed good words of condolence ,said he don’t feel that we were left alone but felt that he was left with us and will help us where they can , those are good leaders we need in SWAPO” he said.

He alleged that  “when  Councillor Maswahu heard that agenda of the plot he told me ‘I’m the honourable  councilor of the Katima Mulilo Town Council your father passed away there’s nothing you can do for your  own  information I was nominated to deal with  taxes  and  rates on your buildings and how are we going  to option  all your buildings ” he explained.

He also expressed concerns on the prejudice short text massage which was circulated among cellphone users after his father’s death “We lost an illiterate politician, a tribalist, a puppet, a rebel leader, and a problematic one who doesn’t know how to read and write. It’s a loss to his family. He be-witched John Pandeni, still he died like him last night, may his soul rot in hell. Honourable puppet Mukupi Njangula he’s no more Car accident, forward to all Subias and Oshiwambos” reads the message.

“Many people they want to see us the children of the late Felix Kabuku Mukupi suffering in street, it’s when they will be happy. At the time of the first sharing of my father’s estate Mr. Salubila was there he’s not part of our family and he wanted things to be shared according to the way he wants. “He said.

“I describe Mr. Salubila as a jealous tribalist who doesn’t want to see a Mufwe getting rich to him it’s an offence. SWAPO is a democratic party and we need good leaders in SWAPO let us be true comrades”

He added that his father owned several buildings in town and wanted the plot at Zambezi river to be registered and inherited by him and his other brothers and sister “I don’t know a house which was optioned because of taxes and rates in Katima Mulilo, they never even called us to discuss about taxes and rates we have never failed to pay taxes and rates and I know that tax and rate is involved into water bills which we normally pays every month”.

According to him he understand that the Local Authority Government Gazette states that if someone dies the Lawyer who is responsible of handling of the late estate must be responsible in changing or transferring of the ownership of the late estate into the biological children and the taxes and rates must be stopped immediately and the new owner must be accountable with the new service charges.

Mr. Nawa also confirmed to this paper that the offer of the plot under dispute was offered to councilor  Mukupi  but elapsed “ I cannot comment anything for now I need to see the document or proof of the title deed from them,  then  I will show you what the Local Authority Act saying” explained Katima Council CEO.

Asked to comment on allegations leveled against him wheteth the plot under dispute belonged to him, Mr. Nawa declined to comment “I’m not in position to answer you before them thank you” concluded  angry Nawa who hanged up his phone.

Mr. Maswahu responded that late Mukupi was given an offer of a plot valued 12 million and he negotiated the offer to 7 million and was given 90 days but he did not respond on time while in the process he died in a horrific accident.

“This is still a Katima Mulilo Town Council’s plot as he did not respond, an offer does not mean you have bought the land” stressed the Chairperson of Management Committee of Katima Mulilo Town Council, Mr. Maswahu who also confirmed that the late Honourable Mukupi was offered an offer to purchase a plot at the banks of Zambezi river at a cost of N$12 million    which he said was not bought as he was still negotiating with the Council until that time he died June 16, 2012.

Land under dispute offered to Late Coucillor Felix Mukupi at the banks of Zambezi River now allegedly belongs to Katima Council CEO Mr. Charles Nawa                   Photo taken by Aldrin Mukendwa
Land under dispute offered to Late Coucillor Felix Mukupi at the banks of Zambezi River now allegedly belongs to Katima Council CEO Mr. Charles Nawa with developed structures                                            Photo taken by Aldrin Mukendwa

He said according to the Local Authority Act the offer is valid for 90 days failure to that it has to elapse “currently now the offer for Mr. Mukupi was not returned (responded) after that we could send it to the minister of Regional and Local Government for approval, up to date the plot is still belong to the Katima Mulilo Town Council.”

Asked for clarity on why the council refused to change ownership of late Mr. Mukupi into his children, Mr. Maswahu said that it is difficult “a plot cannot be transferred to the deeds office when it is in arrears, we cannot change ownership to people who still owing the Council”

Efforts to hear legality on the matter from Mukupi’s lawyer who is also serving as the Lawyer for Katima Mulilo Town Council proved futile as he was not available for comment at the time of going for press.











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