Mr. Editor and webmaster,

Allow us space to respond to Muchali’s article that featured in your newspaper and website of 12/24/2011.

Who is Joseph Mulife Muchali? He is a Caprivian National and Namibian fugitive currently based in Canada whom we believe is not a genuine refugee but an informant (spy) of the Namibian government. Joseph was a police officer, teacher and later became a Namibian government informant together with the late Mr. Victor Muituti. In 1998, together with Mr. Muituti they masterminded the Pretoria incidence/plot to have Chief Mamili, Mr. Muyongo and others arrested in order to achieve their political agendas. This was followed by warrants of arrests from the Namibian government which saw the exodus of many Caprivians into the neighboring country, Botswana.

Now, because of mishandling the issue Muchali was framed of being radical, a cover to have him run away and find a new home in the United Democratic Party (UDP) in exile. He came into exile without purpose to the Caprivian cause but with a motive to spy on the movement. It is important to remind the readers that Muchali was never a UDP member and still is not a member of the United Democratic Party (UDP).

You know what? A hyena after making some criss-crossing moves around the village it then makes itself heard because it could not find anything to eat, and so is Joseph who now shows his true colors because he lacks the UDP information to feed or report to his masters.

He has made numerous calls to the Namibian government to be pardoned so that he may return back home and some of the responses he got was that he should persuade some, if not all of the people in exile to seek for amnesty, an issue bitter to swallow because he is an individual without a following. Much as it is known that he made his way into exile alone, why not returning back home alone. You have no fear of the Namibian government because you have done nothing wrong, and have dual citizenship in Namibia; that of Caprivi and of Kavango. It is time you seriously consider returning back home because you have nothing else to do in exile. SWAPO government is waiting for you with open arms as they have already given you amnesty.

Coming to the issue of meeting with Sipapela, we are learning that he met with him, but this is information that is displaced from the right source. It was first reported in the informente newspaper from Namibia and not from the UDP party. This goes to show that the guy is out of touch and delusional. Exile life is known for its hurdles including that of financial constraints but to say that we are bankrupt and whimpering mob is an insult that goes way beyond our cultural taboos.

We mean business and this is not a capricious idea or cause, but well thought and organized to sustain the test of time. On the other front there is a saying in our culture and tradition that says “Mulomo wa yo muhulu u nunka ku bola, kono ze zwa mwa teni ki ze yahisa” meaning with age lies experience and wisdom. You have stepped way out of your boundaries into other people’s space and you need rehabilitation to correct your deformity. If you are getting money from your masters it is okay but you should stop these incendiary remarks targeted at people who happen not to be in your league.

These are signs of mental deterioration that are irreversible but prone to run in the genes. People should investigate and truth be told that, these are attributed to hereditary early signs and characteristics of dementia or mental retardation. Know this Joseph, a Caprivi cause is way beyond your understanding, it involves the lives of many people.

It is a cause that the bone fide people of that land want to see happen or reach its destiny. So back off and get out of the way because you know nothing about the Caprivian people and their politics. You are a loose cannon who happen to find yourself in the unknown territory and one day your actions will come back to haunt you. Let us also say that “Mwanuke kasiambelwa malunga mane tumone”, a child who does not heed to advices will end up in trouble.

You claim to have the Caprivian views at heart and that you understand world politics but yet you still barely comprehend the consequences surrounding amnesty. What a mockery! True compatriots face their fears inspite of the dangers there off. They move and act beyond their thick skins and reap the fruits of their hard labor. In darkness they do not look back as they are strengthened by the significance of their end goal. It is said that persistence pays.

On the other hand it is not stupid to keep quite and let issues flow because people will not know the difference.

We do not speak the same language and thus we believe that you should stop advocating for something you do not comprehend.

The Caprivi Strip cause is a very heavy cross to carry; only the brave dedicated few can carry it through to the end.

You unfortunately happen to be not amongst the few; you have never advocated the true aspirations of both the people in prisons and at home, and so why bother. What we need and want is far beyond your whining attitude as we have dedicated our lives to it.

We want and need freedom and independence of our motherland, but you want pardoning and amnesty a total different path altogether. Follow you instinct and return back to Namibia in peace and we shall follow behind with the Caprivi Strip independence one day.

UDP Bulela sicaba sa utwa
Chrispin Mutoiwa
UDP Secretary for information





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