Masubia Chief Coronation ceremony delayed

By Simon Liseli

Masubia Ngambela (premier) Albius Kamwi

The delay of the coronation ceremony of the new chief of the Masubia tribe has sparked angers and confusion amongst its people and entire residents of Zambezi region.

Since the passing of his royal highness, the late chief Kisco Maiba Liswani III in July 2021,people want to know more on when will be the coronation of the incoming chief, this is a question that is being asked by many, not only by people who belongs to Masubia Traditional Authority but the region and the entire country.

Last year (2021) , Prince George Muhongo Mutwa, the former legal drafter in the Ministry of Justice and the eldest son of the late former chief of the Masubia tribe, Joshua Mutwa Moraliswani was installed at his royal village at Ngoma as the new chief of the Masubia, and later the Masubia Traditional Authority at Bukalo Traditional palace opposed his inauguration.

This led prince Mutwa to apply to the High Court of Namibia in Windhoek for an interdict that he is a rightful successor.

The Masubia chief succession has divided the Masubia subjects into three (3) groups of factions, such as those at Kasika royal house, Mahundu royal house and Ngoma royal house.

When caught up for an update on the coronation of the new chief, the Masubia Ngambela(premier) Albius Kamwi, who worked closely with the late chief Liswani III up to the time of his death, said he is not part of the royal family, and do not participate in their discussions when they debate about the issue of succession.

“That is a difficult question you are asking me, and I don’t have an answer for that question because the chieftainship come from the royal families and that is the question am being asking myself because I’m just a commoner, I do not attend to their discussions” stressed Ngambela Kamwi

He refused to comment further on what caused a delay, and later he divulged to this reporter that “ I don’t know when will be that plantation of the incoming chief,  am just waiting to hear from the three royal families, because they are three houses, Mahundu, Kasika and Ngoma” explained the Ngambela.

The new Masubia chief to be coroneted should either come from one of the three royal families.

A new Masubia Chief to be crowned should be: Mr. Frederick Nalisa, a former Chief Inspector of the Namibian police, Mr. James Maiba or Prince Muhongo Mutwa.

Zambezi governor, Hon. Alfea Sampofu refused to comment anything as it is a culture and traditional issue, “I don’t have an answer on your question because that should be done traditionally is when we can know” he said.









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