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Lukato cautions govt to stop COVID 19

  • 13

By Staff Reporter

National Democratic Party (NDP) President, Martin Lukato Lukato has cautioned the Namibian government to stop the spread of the deadly corona virus which currently on increase with positive cases and death tolls.

Mr. Lukato has commended the government on the imposition of the state of emergency and strict measures to stop further spread of the pandemic corona virus.

Mr.Martin Lukato Lukato, President of National Democratic Party (NDP)

However, NDP is currently concerned with the situation whereby the pandemic is rising rapidly with deaths and asks the government of Namibia, to take other serious measures for the disease not to be spread to its small population of 2, 5 million as cases of the disease are rising on a daily basis.

According to the party’s president Mr.Lukato, since the formation of his party it has been mobilizing countrywide and has participated in general elections vocal fighting for the majority poor people in the country including the voiceless, social group, disadvantaged and oppressed groups for their better living standards.

Mr.Lukato expressed his opinion during the press conference held in Katima Mulilo on Wednesday.

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