Lukato calls for regime change

By Mwaka Simasiku

NDP President Martin Lukato , has called the international community to intervene on political matters affecting the country and the world in general.

Mr Lukato, singled out issues on which he focused on the dominance of the ruling party SWAPO in Namibia, which has been in power for 26-years without solving the will and wishes of the people, despite economic hardships of the country which is dropping drastically.

He told Caprivi Vision that “Caprivians are suffering from political regime.”

NDP President Martin Lukato

He added that elections were not free and fair, pointing the fact that the electronic voting machines invaded from India should not be used in the country anymore, alleging that they are programmed to give more votes to the ruling party.

“ECN Commissioners are being appointed by the President of the ruling party SWAPO. They are SWAPO members so how can they run elections?” asked Mr Lukato.

“SWAPO has been rigging elections and they have been preventing me from freeing the people of Caprivi. The Caprivians who were in prison have not even received their money; those in prison are not criminals but politicians fighting for the freedom of Caprivi.” Lukato speculated.

He alleged that, SADC and the AU being promoters of Dictatorship in Namibia and the continent Africa. “Why is SWAPO not coming to the table to discuss the Caprivi issue? Because it is a rigid party! Namibia should call the Super Power Nations to intervene on this issue. Those Caprivians in prison should be released so that they can vote for a new referendum.”

When asked to comment on the relationship between Europe and Africa. He answered stating “the relationship between Europe and Africa will remain the same as the UN can be reformed to improve world issues.”

He also expressed his opinion to the recent just ended elections in the United States which gave power to the conservative party Republican President Donald Trump, a billionaire business acumen against Hillary Clinton a first-ever woman candidate of the Democrats, a liberal party as unjustifiable “as for the American election results, I believe that elections were free and fair but rigid because Russia was involved through Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia who wants to be a Super Power through the American President Donald Trump.”

The concerned NDP president Lukato argued that “the economy of the country was stable and a bit better from Dr. Sam Nuyoma and Hifikepunye Pohomba’s terms, as soon as Dr Hage Geingob took over in 2015, the economy of the country has been in recession because of corruption coming from the top leaders to the administration hierarchy.”

A diehard politician concluded urging that, “we as Namibians should reject SWAPO power and fight for our freedom and resources stolen by SWAPO. The fruits of Namibia should be enjoyed by all Namibians not only by SWAPO and I appeal for sanctions.”






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