LPM Coordinator asks govt to complete Zambezi projects

By Staff Reporter

DEPUTY Coordinator of the newly formed political party called Landless People’s Movement (LPM) in Zambezi region,Mr. Albert Sitali has asked Zambezi governor Alfea Sampofu to answer on government capital projects which are incomplete.

Mr. Albert Sitali ,Deputy Coordinator of Landless People’s Movement (LPM) in Zambezi Region

Mr.Sitali claims that thousands of residents of the region are not happy with the multi-million dollars state of the art tourist magnet, the Zambezi Waterfront and Tourism Park in the town of Katima Mulilo which has just turned into a white elephant.

According to him, the purpose of that project was to improve the living standards of unemployed youth in the region and tourism attraction since it is located at the get root to SADC countries, that would have generated more income to develop the region and the entire country.

He added saying that most of the workers who were employed by the project were all retrenched only leaving tendered security guards guarding the premises.

“We want to know if feasibility studies were conducted before the start with constructions of this white elephant in terms of business purposes.” He quashed

However, in his New Year’s message recently Namibian President Dr.Hage Geingob has declared 2019 as ‘The year of Accountability’, with remarks that all elected leaders (corporate officials) must be answerable to the public and is hoping that his administration would fulfill the will of the people.

The Landless People’s Movement deputy coordinator also wants government to compensate all people whose houses and properties were demolished by Katima Mulilo Town Council in 2017.

“The governor must also explain why damaged properties of Lwanyanda people is not receiving attention, for how long should they wait for their payment by Katima Mulilo Town Council and why are they not treated like other residents”

He  therefore called on governor Sampofu to explain to residents of the region when will the department of agriculture going to start cultivating at Katima Farm as unemployed youth in the region are waiting to be employed.

“He must also explain issues of people living in Impalila Island in connection with development programs like electricity, constructing the bridge, roads in the Island and other developments. These matters has taken decades of years, in Zambia there is a bridge from Kalabo to Mongu and that area used to be flooded in the past years and they were using speedboat and remember that Zambia has 72 tribes whereas Namibia is having few tribes”

Mr.Sitali also questioned on the construction of the clinic at Kasika area in the eastern Zambezi with the reason that residents of that area are suffering when it comes to their health as they only use Impalila health center which located in an Island across neighbouring Kasane in Botswana in order to get treatment, which He described to be a long process that requires patients lot of money to pay for their transport.

“Crossing Chobe River takes 30 minutes with a speedboat and speedboat owners cannot allow their boats to travel on a loss”

When quizzed for comment, Zambezi governor Sampofu was still on leave and promised to answer to questions when he will be in office






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