Katima and Windhoek Councils Sign Memorandum of Cooperation


By Simon Liseli

THE Katima Mulilo Town Council and Windhoek City Council signed a memorandum of partnership and cooperation between the two councils on Tuesday in Katima Mulilo.

Her worship mayor of Katima Mulilo Georgina Mwiya-Simataa( centre) mayor of the City of Windhoek his worship Muesee Kazapua ( right) and KMTC CEO Mr Raphael Liswaniso ( far left )

The signing ceremony took place at Katima Mulilo council boardroom between the mayor of the City of Windhoek his worship Muesee Kazapua and her worship mayor of Katima Mulilo Georgina Mwiya-Simataa.

In her twinning relations acceptance speech her worship mayor Mwiya-Simataa said the day made a significant on the calendar of the council as it marks the beginning of a historic journey and partnership between the two municipalities.

“This partnership is geared to development based on our shared conviction that development is one of the local authority’s core responsibilities, we are excited and proud to partner with the City of Windhoek Council as we undertake the journey of developing our town and seeking ways of delivering quality and affordable services to the residents of both areas” noted Katima mayor.

Mayor Mwiya believes that the partnership will make its own unique contributions towards achieving micro economy and objectives of the Harambee Prosperity initiative, NDP5, the medium development goals and the achievement of Vision 2030.

She added that cooperation endorsed will contribute significantly to strengthen the joint co-operation agreement that exists between Zambezi and Khomas regions.

she however informed City of Windhoek mayor Kazapua that Katima Council recently signed a MoW with the neighbouring Sesheke Town Council of the Western Province of Zambia aiming at tackling issues on migrant health including HIV/AIDS to improve health and HIV outcome for migrants.

“Your worship this agreement had to be implemented successfully, I believe that we are going to work very hard to share our experiences, knowledge and information to mange our towns and tackle many development challenges facing us” she said.

She mentioned few challenges that had to be dealt with such as the provision of housing, services such as water, sanitation and business development. HIV/AIDS pandemic, poverty and unemployment, land grabbing, corruption and maladministration and empowerment of women and young inhabitants.

KMTC mayor used the opportunity to invite the inhabitants of the Windhoek City to KMTC annually trade fair scheduled for next month to work together in strengthening cultural ties.

“In conclusion, the signing of this agreement is the birth of a new dawn to us” she concluded.

In his statement at the occasion of the signing ceremony his worship mayor of Windhoek City Council hon. Muesee Kazapua commended the KMTC staffs for the wonderful reception accorded to him with his delegates since their arrival in Katima Mulilo.

He mentioned that the renewal of the co-operation agreement between the two councils took place at the right time when the country was left with four days before Namibians commemorate the Heroes Day on 26 August.

“This was the day when several decades ago, brave Namibians made the choice to take a leap of faith and join the struggle for the liberation of our beloved country. It was time when our fore bearers were forced to make a choice as to whether to submit to apartheid and colonialism or to fight for our dignity” he remarked.

Mr. Kazapua also added that the signing ceremony took place at the time when the government has declared war on poverty under the framework of the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP)where no Namibian should be left out.

He alluded that during independence unprecedented influx of people to urban areas in search of job and better life was witnessed.

KMTC and WHK Staffs pose for a camera

“For now we believe that by building capacities in other sister local authorities will not only enhance decentralization but will also address the influx of people to Windhoek and other major towns” explained City of Windhoek mayor.

He pointed out that Windhoek as a capital city and the biggest municipality in the country has a great national obligation to play in terms of assisting upcoming local authorities through capacity building initiatives and experience sharing.

“We are here today to reaffirming the commitment we set ourselves at inception in 2008 when the co-operation agreement between our councils first came in existence”

Windhoek mayor concluded saying the cooperation remains a working partnership with action plans and practical implementation of projects under the agreed areas of cooperation that can translate into poverty eradication and social wellbeing of communities.

“Let us work together to building a long lasting relationship that promotes sustainable partnership for the benefit of our citizens” he concluded.

The signing ceremony was attended by newly appointed KMTC CEO Mr. Raphael Liswaniso who directed the ceremony, Mayor of City of Windhoek Kazapua Muesee, hon. I.M Subasubani councilor member, Mr. R.N Kahimise Windhoek city council CEO, and manager for external relations and networking of Windhoek City Mr. C Eita and many other officials of KMTC.







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