Katima Police Beats Crime During Festive Season

By Simon Liseli

Chief Inspector Charles Mayumbelo , Katima Mulilo Police Station Commander

THE Namibian Police in Zambezi region at Katima Mulilo Police Station has recorded crimes that were committed and reported to the police within the period of December 24, 2022 to 16 January 2023 and has shown a decline with different offences compared to the previous years.

Among the crimes that were reported, stock theft has been described as a common crime in the Zambezi region being recorded eleven (11) cases of theft of cattle in different areas of the region following the arrests of eleven (11) suspects who have been so far appeared before the Katima Mulilo District Magistrate Court, and their cases were remanded for further police investigation and suspects were remanded in police custody until their next appearance.

According to Chief Inspector Charles Mayumbelo of Katima Mulilo Police Station, said an alarmingly crime that occurred within the said period was house breaking where forty-five (45) cases were recorded and that was only within the jurisdiction of Katima Mulilo Urban Constituency, four (4) suspects were apprehended and have also appeared before the Katima Mulilo District Court and their cases were postponed for further investigation while they remain behind bars.

He told Caprivi Vision that, the police normally found it difficult when it comes to house breaking because when thieves’ break-in, they immediately cross into neighbouring countries like Botswana, Zambia and Angola where they hide themselves and that makes it difficult for the police to trace or follow those people.

“But anyhow we are trying especially when in conjunction with our counterpart, whereby when we found that foot-prints crossed into any of our neighbouring countries we engage them and work together” stressed Mayumbelo.

Chief Inspector Mayumbelo added that in some cases the police have succeeded especially in stock theft whereby when cattle are stolen and driven to neighbouring Zambia, the Zambian police and civilians assisted much in tracing cattle that have been stolen in the Zambezi and were returned to the rightful owners.

Other minor cases that were reported were common assault that happened mostly in Shebeens and bars where people are under the influence of alcohol. These also happened in areas outside the town of Katima Mulilo where cases of assault with grievance bodily harm (GBH) and crimen injuria were reported.

“I think to me Christmas and New Year were peaceful because it was quiet when compared to previous years” he said.

He also commended men and women who are involved in business for their cooperation during Christmas and New Year celebrations as they assisted the police for adhering to the closure of time to give them time to do their work.

Chief Inspector seriously adviced people from both countries to use gazetted entry points when entering into another country from the country of origin. He pointed out that they are borders that are well known instead of using illegal entry points.

“As am talking now there is a Zambian national with her five (5) children who crossed into Namibia and were attacked by unknown three men at Katima farm, and luck enough we were patrolling, we rescued them, is how they survived but the mother was beaten and those men ran away, we then took her to the hospital where she received some medications, this is just a piece of advice am trying to give to both Namibians and our neighbours” He adviced.

Commander Mayumbelo further divulged that they are syndicates whereby people are being called by unknown people who pretend to be MTC officers and are told to give their account numbers with the reason that they have won money from MTC. Mayumbelo warned members of the community not to give their account numbers to strangers because they will immediately lose all their available money in account.

“Others even pretend to be police officers, they will call saying am detective who, your son is arrested here can you e-wallet N$2000 so that we can release him. Please that can be only be done at the police station when a bail is granted to you in court, you pay at the police station and a receipt is given to you as a proof of payment but when you ewallet, your money will go to a person you don’t even know” he lamented.








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