Katima Cyclists enjoy cycling around town

By Simon Liseli

August 4, 2012 saw fifty (50) cyclists in Katima Mulilo town, the Capital of the Caprivi region cycling their bicycles around the town for their body fitness and enjoyment.

This tightly sporting battle was organised by the regional sport office, Caprivi Bicycle Association (CBA) and Namungelele club.

Speaking to Caprivi Vision Sport desk Mr. Ben Lumponjani the senior sport office of Caprivi region highlighted that 4 August will be the day where all bicycle cyclist in Katima Mulilo will be coming together each year and cycle around the town for fun, enjoyment and body fitness aiming at preparing for an annual cycling competition sponsored by the Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Doreen Sioka. “We call it Katima Mulilo fitness cycling day because it will be always in town each year stating now as we aim to bring our residents together and it’s not sponsored by anybody as it is just an enjoyment day for fitness and nothing is won” explained the senior sport officer.

According to Mr. Lumponjani after the ten (10) kilometer fitness and enjoyment cycling race around Katima Mulilo the participants showed an interest and even called for cycling competition to come.

The cyclists were from the age of six (6) to fifty-six (56) years and the platform was also used to prepare for hon. Doreen Sioka’s annual cycling competition which is coming before the end of this month where lot of prizes will be won by best cyclists in different categories.

The  cycling Competition started in August 2010 when Hon. Doreen Sioka sponsored an amount of Ten Thousand Namibian Dollars (N$10 000.00) to cyclists in the region to compete for it.

“The regional sport office wants to see residents of the town being fit and united in order to deliver good services to their people” he remarked.

The sport officer further by encouraging residents of the region to come together and join any sport activity they feel they can do something in order to keep their bodies fit all the time and to develop the region as they share ideas pertaining the improvement of sport in the region while together, “We want this region to be developed and known in sport to our neighbouring states” he lamented.





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