Kangumu urges UNAM Students to work hard

By Simon Liseli

ASSISTANT Pro-Vice Chancellor (APVC) of the University of Namibia (UNAM) at Katima Mulilo Campus, Dr. Bennett Kangumu has seriously encouraged seniors and first year students together with UNAM staff to work hard in order to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Dr. Bennett Kangumu, Assistant Pro-Vice Chancellor (APVC) of the University of Namibia (UNAM) at Katima Mulilo Campus.

“First and foremost let me extend my sincere gratitude to our regional governor for  his warm encouragement  to you students that you should be serious with your studies in order to complete your academic circle with diplomas and degrees that you should take to your parents other than taking a different degree or diploma. That was a clear massage you should take and keep in your minds as you study” Noted Dr. Kangumu.

This was said during the commencement ceremony that was held at Katima Mulilo campus last week Wednesday at the official opening of the academic year of February 2018 that served to welcome all students as to motivate and encourage them to work hard to achieve their goals. The ceremony was held on Valentine’s Day.

More than 1500 students are already on the roll which is said to be a bigger number when compared to last year’s registration on the same date and month despite the fact that learners are not performing well in grade 12, but the campus still attract higher number of students as registrations continues.

“I am confident that we still return as the fourth largest UNAM campus of the 12 sister campus we have in our country” he said.

Reading the annual speech of the Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UNAM Prof. Lazarus Hangula was PhD (UCT), APVC-KMC Dr. Kangumu.

In his message Prof. Hangula pointed out that the University of Namibia’s mandate as well as of its staff members is grounded in a perennial mission that needs to be carried out with steady improvement.

The mandate was established under the motto; education, service and development as being that spearheading the agenda of national development.

In 2017 UNAM celebrated 25 years of its existence and this year it has so far registered about 23000 students from Africa, Asia, America and European countries while registration continues and the figures are at a moment  preliminary. The final figure will be divided by very confident statistics offices after data consolidations.

“Looking at registration venues we are certain that a number of UNAM students this year will be higher than number of last year, I therefore wish our dear students across all 12 UNAM campuses and seven regional hotel centers a successful 2018 academic year ahead” said prof Hangula in his message.

Prof. Lazarus called on both UNAM staffs and students to redouble their efforts in order to take up the institution to the next level performance achievements and success which were indeed the main objectives of UNAM’s restructuring process.

“Am happy that more and more success public and private are joint in hand with UNAM in an effort to produce well rounded and highly employable. In this regard I would like to thank Chief Justice Shivute for his support and empower UNAM to implement an encamps training program for UNAM slow students dependently of their social status and financial background” said Prof. Lazarus Hangula.

According to professor Hangula, UNAM has made success in agreement they had with Ongwendiva medical park hospital and Onandjokwe Lutheran hospital and recently UNAM signed a partnership agreement with social based main University hospital, Windhoek based Rhino park hospital, Ondangwa private hospital and Walvis Bay based Valencia hospital.

According to him, the aims are to provide intention and professional training attachment opportunities to senior students of national medical school.

Similar efforts are being persuaded through the office of industry and cooperate education with regards to other fields of studies and more companies in the private sectors such as the mining industries are opening doors for UNAM students’ attachments.

“Such collaboration has an advantage of bringing the collaborating institutions symbiotic benefits like the provision of high quality service for industries and gain of professional skills and competencies for the students” he said in his massage.

Prof.Hangula also stated in his message that UNAM will soon introduce new critical courses that it had been failing to implement for some years ago and these courses are due to begin in the next semester.

UNAM Vice Chancellor Prof. Hangula who commenced the ceremony for his last day as he hopes to go for retirement joined the University of Namibia through the national institute for social and economic research in February 1993 some 25 years ago and 4 months after the UNAM’s establishment.

“The journey of 25 years spend from my initial assignment as a ‘danida’ hired but as a UNAM based development researcher and I become one of the social sciences division Namibian staff members at the head division and later I became a director of the newly established multi- institutional research center and later as a UNAM Vice Chancellor where I worked for 40 years with some challenges” quoted from his message.










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