Kangumu Donates Copier to Gunkwe School


Handing over the copier machine and a N$ 1000.00 cheque is Mr. Victor Kangumu(left) a former pupil o

By Simon Liseli

FORMER pupil of Gunkwe Primary School donated a brand new photocopier machine to his school totalling the amount of N$20,000 plus a cheque of N$1000.
The school is situated about 25 km South of Katima Mulilo in Katima Mulilo Rural Constituency of the Caprivi region and has been without equipment for use.
Mr. Victor Puteho Kangumu did his Grade 6 and 7 in 1986 – 87 and now an Environmental Health Practitioner at the Municipality of Walvis Bay, a coastal town in the Erongo region the western part of Namibia and he is a Legal Adviser who advises the Minister of Health in Namibia.

At the attendance during the handover ceremony was Mr. Shadrick Mowa the Principal of Liselo Combined School who represented the Circuit Inspector Mr.
Leonard Sinvula informed the gathering that the Minister of Education Dr.Abraham Iyambo used to tell people that education is very important but it needs more inputs for it to be taken to the other levels not only teachers but parents, business community leaders, politicians, learners themselves, and many others should get involved is when education can reach the higher levels.

He said people gathered because of Mr. Kangumu a former learner of the school who showed his efforts to his former small school, which is producing products that are taking the country to another level.
“Mr. Kangumu and your Wife you have done a very very big thing and I think your wife have a big understanding because in most cases you will find that in a home when someone wants to push forward the other one pulls backward,” said Mr. Mowa.

In his words Mr. Kangumu expressed remarks that he has been out of the region for a long time but he is the son of the region where he was born, he did his primary and secondary education in the region.
In 1993 he taught Mathematics, Physical Science, Geography and Life Science at Machita and Kanono Combined School and he did not end there but he had other mind to go for further studies though in the region there was a shortage of Mathematics Teachers and that made him to become a teacher who they called Mathematics Resource Teacher in the Inspectorate Circuit starting from Kwena to Kapani combined school.

“Today as I am standing before you in this place of Gunkwe is to come and honour my teachers and my parents and also to show the importance of a teacher, a teacher is a big parent in this world where we are living, when I was holding a discussion with Mr. Ignatius Mikatazo he told me a story that at UNAM there was a professor who told him that there was people who were in an aeroplane and among them there was a teacher, judge and a technician and when an aeroplane had a problem there was only one parachute, they asked themselves who will take this parachute and they gave it to a teacher with a reason that even when a judge or a technician dies the teacher will still teach others who will succeed those one, in other words in a hand of a teacher is where leaders are produced, “explained Mr. Kangumu.

He said what made him to donate was because of teachers who taught him and God in heaven who gives power to everybody.
Mr.Kangumu requested parents to talk to their children that education is the key for everything in the world and to work together with teachers.
He is holding two Degrees in Health and Law, which he obtained, from the University of South Africa (UNISA) and now studying towards a master’s degree in law.

Mr. Hendricks Shitaa nick named as ‘Nyamayabo’ a Senior teacher at Caprivi Senior Secondary School teaching Development and Business Studies Mr. Kangumu’s a former class mate and a friend at Gunkwe who escorted Mr. Kangumu shared sentiments that he also started school at Gunkwe in 1978 when it was opened from Grade 1-7, Grade 8 and 9 he did them at Masokotwani combined School and Grade 10, 11 and 12 at Ngweze Secondary School and later went for further studies at the University of Namibia(UNAM).

He encouraged learners at Gunkwe to take their education seriously even if they suffer because education is the only way that ends sufferings in life.
At UNAM he became the best student in the faculty of education with the vice chancellors medal and obtained his Postgraduate Diploma, he also did his Bachelor of Technology Education in Commerce through the University of Pretoria and became the best student in Commerce and the course was offered by Azaria College.
Officiating the event Mr. Robert Mabuku who acted as the Education Director of the Caprivi region thanked Mr. Kangumu with his Wife and Mr. Shitaa a former learner of Gunkwe.

Mr.Mabuku said what Mr. Kangumu did is ploughing back in his community as the majority of schools in Namibia are facing challenges in terms of teaching and learning resources especially schools in remote areas.
He said government alone could not tackle all the challenges hence the need for collaboration from stakeholders including business fraternity as well as all of individuals in the country.

He called on all Namibians to take example that has been set by Mr. Kangumu who answered to the call of the Honourable Minister of Education Dr. Abraham Iyambo for stakeholders to join hands and support education in order to achieve the aims and objectives.
The Acting Director said the photocopier machine that was donated to the school would be beneficial in the sense that teachers will be able to prepare learning materials for their learners like worksheets and among others as school kids need to practice learning using worksheets which was difficulty for the teachers to do them.

He further requested the school principal and the entire management to take care of the machine in order to improve learning skills at the school.
Mr.Eustace Mbanga the school principal of Gunkwe in his vote of thanks said he was even unable to say something because of what happened at his school as it was very much important and that he will be remembered in the history of Gunkwe.
He thanked all the people who were present on the event for their commitment and dedication. “Today we are here because of this man, Mr. Kangumu who have been inspired by God to do this for us, we do not have big words to thank you but whatever we will say is the only way to thank you” he said.

The principal also thanked Mr. Kangumu’s wife for her understanding, as she did not interfere on what the husband planned,
“I think before you did this you set together to share and agreed on this, God bless you, your pocket where you have taken out money should not be left open God shall do something,” he blessed Mr. Kangumu.





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