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Kabozu gets black belt from world Karate Chief

By Staff Reporter

 A  Luderitz based Karateka, Mr.Bonnie Kabozu received his highest Shuto Ryu grade from World Karate chief recently.

Mr. Kabozu and other visiting instructors received their grades from a first- ever visiting Shuto Ryu Karate Master from Japan, Mr.Soke Takeshi Masuyama.

Mr.Bonnie Kabozu (left) receives his 5th Dan Black Belt from Shuto Ryu Karate Master from Japan, Mr.Soke Takeshi Masuyama( right)

He got his 5th Dan Black Belt alongside with the two visiting instructors from Botswana and South Africa after undergoing a five-days intensive training program which lasted for about  seven (7)hours daily training.

However, Kabozu expressed gratitude and thanked sponsors and parents for having made the visit of his Japanese master Masuyama to Namibia a success.

He further thanked the Namibia Sports Commission, NAKU, South Wolf Tuna, Cormorant Guest House, Lüderitz Town Council and Ghost Town Tours including parents of Ryushin-Kan Karate Club Namibia.

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