IDF raises funds for vulnerable Learners

Dr. Bennet Kangumu speaking at a gala dinner
By Siseho Sikopo

INTENGE Development Foundation Education Fund (IDF) has launched a fundraising gala dinner in Katima Mulilo to raise money for the disadvantaged, vulnerable and orphan learners who are doing Grade 11 and 12.
Attending the event were local business leaders and respective Councillors from the Katima Mulilo Town Council and many others. The admission fee to attend the dinner was decreased in order to accommodate many people to show their support towards the disadvantaged youths living in Caprivi,the entrance fee was one hundred and Fifty Namibian Dollars (N$150) per person.
Speaking at the event was Dr Bennet Kangumu, Rector of The University of Namibia for Katima Mulilo Campus who said the main aim of the gathering was to raise funds for the Education Counsel Fund to support learners who are disadvantaged.The project was first launched in 2008, due to the need to alleviate poverty among the community of the Caprivi region.
The 2009 Academic year managed to put 56 learners in different schools of the Caprivi region, raising the amount invested to over 3000 Namibian dollars. These are learners who were in Grade 11 and 12. The money is for school fees, hostel fees, exam fees and buying of textbooks.
According to Dr.Kangumu the 2010 Academic year was seen taking 51 learners from all corners of Caprivi to school, and the amount invested is estimated to be N$51000, 00. The beneficiaries of this project are learners from Sangwali, Mafwila, Caprivi Senior Secondary School, Simataa, and Mayuni Senior Secondary School.
Apart from the money granted to learners, the IDF donated 100 laptops to Ngoma Primary School and a Photo Copier machine to Silumbi Secondary School, while Mbalasinte Combined school received N$ 50 000 for a school fence.
Suggestions raised were accommodated to help improve the project in future.Dr Kangumu further said that schools should recommend learners who posses s good results and disadvantaged backgrounds.The project has so far received requests for funding from other regions of Namibia. Before the closure of the meeting, many business people and individuals made some pledges to assist the project financially, for it to be able to take learners to school next year. The gala dinner was held on 3 December 2010 in Katima Mulilo.





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