ICT Minister inaugurates MTC network at Mafuta

By Simon Liseli at Mafuta

MINISTER of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Mr. Stanley Simataa inaugurated a forty-seven (47) meter  Mobile Telecommunication (MTC) network tower at Mafuta Compound some 15 kilometers  away south of Katima Mulilo town in Katima Mulilo Rural Constituency on Saturday.

ICT Minister Mr. Stanley Simataa switches-on a forty-seven (47) meter Mobile Telecommunication (MTC) network tower at Mafuta Compound

Speaking during the activation of the newly constructed mobile network tower at Mafuta ICT minister Simataa said it was a pleasure and joyful day to switch on network at Mafuta that has been a problem which raised concerns on social media (Facebook) by mobile users.

A forty-seven (47) meter Mobile Telecommunication (MTC) network tower at Mafuta Compound

“I have seen lot of comments on Facebook and by the way it’s now live, it will also avoid those who are fond of contaminating our messages as government so that as we are engaging people can directly benefit from what we are saying” he noted.

Earlier before he jets to Zambezi, Simataa inaugurated networks in Kavango east on Thursday and Kavango west on Friday.

According to Him, Namibia has set dream polices like Vision 2030 with objectives of transforming itself into a knowledge based society, while NDP 5 has identified communication infrastructure as a priority and Harambe Prosperity Plan has consolidated communication as one of the pillars under infrastructure that needs to be progressed to ensure that Namibia achieves its dreams.

“When I was in Kavango I said communication starts when the child is developing during the nine (9) months period until birth. Those of you who are advanced you will see that communication is the center of everything and it’s very important” he said.

He added that in today’s world without ICT infrastructure of which some are underground and some can be observed with eyes people would not be able to participate in the developmental activities of the country.

“This is why we are providing these infrastructure and government’s intention is to cover the entire population of Namibia and for now we have to pay particular attention to our rural areas and provide our people with key imperatives like electricity, telecommunication, potable water and roads infrastructure” stressed the Minister.

He however mentioned that communication is the most important infrastructure where by businessmen can conduct their businesses through mobile phone if they have proper ICT because it holds their digital identity as people are talking of digital services.

“Am sure you are aware that as government we are decentralising with the intention of bringing services closer to our people and what we have brought to you governor, councilor, CRO, indunas and  community members was a challenge to me and MTC but I tried all the best I could do and today we have this thing here”

ICT Minister pointed out that post offices are still a problem in Zambezi because they are just limited    around the region and are under his ministry the issue which he is dealing with to reduce suffering of senior citizens who get their pension pay-out at Nampost.

Simataa further added that kiosks should be constructed around the region where pensioners should be receiving their money using mobile phones once the money is ready.

“This is why we are bringing these services closer to our people everything is changing and is possible through ICT all what you need is the mobile phone” he concluded.

In his warm welcome remarks Zambezi governor Lawrence Sampofu told the gathering that he was very delighted to observe the inauguration of the newly constructed developmental mtc network tower of Mafuta compound.

“We are delighted to receive this development in the region and communication is very important in everything if they are people breaking in your house you will quickly call the police to rescue you so its part of your security, as we will have this tower here am requesting all Mafuta community to take care of it and have police numbers for your security” he requested.

Induna Vasco Kalala of Mafuta compound commended the efforts of the government and MTC for erecting network tower in his compound which will make communication easier amongst community members.

“These things were not there in 1970s when people started relocating in this place but now we are lucky that we are receiving these type of things, in the past we used to climb trees for us to make calls but from today those things of climbing will be history” said Induna Kalala.

So far three MTC network towers have been erected at Sikanjabuka, Ibbu and Mafuta in Katima Rural Constituency and the ministry’s program shows that more will still be erected in areas of Ikumwe, Gunkwe, Kwena, Iseke and Mubiza in the same constituency.






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