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High matriculate failing rate is an explored bomb

Dear Editor ,
Allow me a space , It is with my understanding that grade 12 examinations are being set by qualified teachers from different schools in different regions, in which the Zambezi region has become the highest contributor to the explored bomb of the high failing rate.
There are certain factors contributing to the high failing rate of grade 12, which are; lack of resources in schools, the fact that less people opt to use the internet; learners depend on using Cambridge Modules which were revised so long ago and this contributes to the failure. These modules are not even used in the set up of final examinations.
I strongly support my view to say that if schools could have libraries with access to computers and updated books there would be progress in the region and the country at large. Qualified and mobile teachers must be kept for work. Teachers must not be kept for more than 10 years in one school because hatred between teachers and learners might occur.
Look forward and focus to build Zambezi!

By Mashika Sicacan
Kozo Village, Kaliyangile.

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