Presidential Affairs Minister and the Attorney General Dr Albert Kawana speak as a profound Namibian citizen. He dislikes those who call themselves Caprivians saying it is an insult to him and the government he represents.
It is good to mention that, It is not him alone who is ashamed and feel uncomfortable to be called a Caprivian, some people who are true Caprivians by God given nature ( born and live in Caprivi) like him Dr Kawana do not want to be called Caprivians.
Yes! Everyone chooses how she/he wants to be identified but it is fundamental when we do not contradict our own history and everyone is identified by his or her history.
One would ask why Caprivians are called Caprivians. What were they called Immemorial? If Caprivians are Namibians and they should not be called Caprivians, the question is since when?
The issue of Caprivians should not be primafacie judged like how legal learned Dr Kawana perceives the Caprivi issue.
Dear Editor , allow me to address the Caprivi people, I hope it is not harm when we call ourselves Caprivians if at all we are Caprivians. Dr Kawana mentioned in the Caprivi Vision of September 22 – 15 October 2010 that “It was in 1964 in the liberation struggle that my home boy, the comrade Brendan Simbwaye who was the leader then with other veterans like Greenwell Matongo agreed to fight the same cause hence the merger of the two parties CANU and SWAPO. It alter nonsense and they are the same people who called for that unity between parties”
Dear readers, what is the Doctor saying here? Perhaps I will be right to say, Dr Kawana was just a kid by then, because he is unable to put facts together and in order. I really need him to elucidate his point here.
1. What made him to flee to Zambia if he was not a Caprivian?
2. If the struggle he went for was for liberation, which country?
3. Why was a merger necessary?
4. After a merger what followed?
The Honourable Doctor is saying “utter nonsense and they are the same people who called for that unity between the parties”. This one alone suggests that he was not part of the deal and did not want it; now what makes him proud to be called a Namibian whilst it was through this merger that he lost his identity. Then why is he insulting those who claim to return their identity? Imagine a professional of his calibre and legal minded son of the soil – Caprivi, when given space in the media he runs out of vocabulary and start insulting “utter nonsense, failed politicians” against his fellow beloved Caprivians.
In a second time, he has forgotten who he is. These were the people who were supposed to stand obliged in giving heights to your concerns as Caprivians, but nevertheless, stand strong and never be discouraged by them who betray their own. Pursue your objectives and I hope and pray, God shall open the door of blessing for all Caprivians to enjoy. I am of the understanding that a true representative is he or she that pursue the interest of the nation and not persona gain as our brother Dr Kawana who missed to define.
Let me at the same time put facts straight here. The merger was not initiated by Caprivians; it was a proposal from the OAU leadership Julius Mwalimu Nyerere in particular who was the chair of the OAU through Dr Kenneth Kaunda by then the first prime minister of Zambia and Zambia being a front line state.
The reasons for that proposal and why the CANU leadership agreed to visit was that OAU recognised SWAPO as a liberation movement for the Independence of South West Africa (SWA). CANU members also fled from Caprivi seeking Independence and had to register their case.
It was then discovered that the same enemy colonising Caprivi was in SWA. Secondly, Caprivi was the nearest route from Zambia through Kavango to the northern part of Namibia where the fight was concentrated. This is what prompted the merger “to fight together the common enemy”.
Dr Kawana it is also good to know that it will not appear nice for you to rewrite the history, which many people know already. I know you hate Mr Muyongo as such that where his name is applicable you will substitute with Mr. Muyongo and Simbwaye because you don’t want to mention his name.
Dr Kawana quote me right, Mr. Brendan Simbwaye and Greenwell Matongo hold a high profile in the history of Caprivi and all Caprivians recognise this and salute them for their committed good work to the struggle of liberating our motherland Caprivi. I will not allow the nation of Caprivi to be schooled with unfounded personal history. I mean your distorted personal history.
Sir, we are all human beings and it is good to know that even the devil can call the name for Jesus Christ where it fits. When looking at the press release, the merger itself if you have one at your table, it shows that, the two signatories on those important documents is Mr. Sam Nujoma and Mr Albert Mishake Muyongo. I hope you need to consult your history books before you tell others to read it.
You spoke of Namibia to be a unitary state. You are right it is well clear, questions: When was the constitution of Namibia written? But let me send you back to the history of your unitary state were instituted in 1990, eight years later Caprivi was illegally declared as part of Namibia without the consent of the Caprivians. At this time, Caprivians were already in exile fighting for the Independence of that country. I refer you to the Act of parliament of 1999.
Furthermore, I want you to draw your attention to something you have missed on the political history of Caprivi. CANU was founded in Mafekeng in South Africa where honourable Mishake Muyongo was a student, therefore CANU is his baby.
In the same address, let me come to issue of the Caprivi Concerned Group, now understand the main reasons why some of their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters are in exile, not to mention their brothers, sons and family members in prisons, those that have been murdered and those that have sacrificed their precious lives . People in exile and every Caprivian at home should speak with one language of Independence first and then development when Caprivi has attended its Independence. It is folly for us to accept enemy to develop us. Caprivi is known all over the world that it is the least developed and the poorest despite that it has both human and natural resources to develop it.
Learned Dr. you are wondering why the concerned group is petchowing various government and the UN. Be informed that , the people of Caprivi like in the white colonial rules , have no status for an open platform through which they can express their concern on Caprivi issue. The status of the open platform that is enshrined in their constitution of Namibia is for the Namibian people that is why the concerned group are pethoning other nations and the UN because they expect positive result from them.
All the countries which have been mentioned accept Zambia and Botswana are all former colonisers of Caprivi. The UN is the baby of the league of nations and has an obligation to see to it that Caprivi and its people are free and Independent.
To the Caprivi people I want to say the proverb that they know so well, “United, we stand divided we fall”. Without suffering and bloodshed there is no Independence, we are ready and determined to suffer and sacrificing at all costs, quisling try to understand the progress of the struggle but they will fail.
Caprivi shall be free
Aluta Continua
By Mr Charles Mulukuluhi





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