Church of Nazarene Distributes Food Aid in Caprivi

By Simon Liseli

Mr.Gerhard Braunmiller ( Center) the Project coordinator from Humedica International Organisation

About 2,000 poor and vulnerable people affected by floods in the Caprivi Region received food parcels from the Church of Nazarene recently.

Katima Mulilo Urban Constituency was the first to benefit from the donations and the constituency includes residents from all informal settlement areas such as Cowboy, Makalabani, Choto Dairy and Chefuzwe Village.

Mr. Gerhard Braunmiller the project coordinator from Humedica International Organisation in Germany, who works closely with the Nazarene compassionate ministries, accompanied the team that distributed the food to the needy.

Mr Braunmiller told the Caprivi Vision that the Federal Republic of Germany had helped about 27 countries worldwide afflicted by different disasters.

He said the Germany government allocated N$2 million to the international community to help countries faced with the disasters such as floods.

In other countries, his organisation had helped flood victims with medicines as they had medical teams in those countries.

According to the mission Coordinator of Nazarene in Caprivi Region, Reverend Lascan Sikosi, his church had asked for food from Germany and the aim was to help poor people and vulnerable groups whose fields were flooded.

Food distributed included 25kg bags of maize meal, 10 kg of beans, 2 bottles of cooking oil per family, 5 mosquito nets per family and a long bar of sunlight soap.

Most of the people who are targeted by the programme are those living in the informal settlements of Katima Mulilo such as Cowboy, Choto, Makarabani, Mission, Dairy, Chefuzwe village and other nearest areas.

Reverend Sikosi stressed that the Nazarene Church’s mission is to preach and help people who are suffering in the Caprivi region.

The Caprivi Vision spoke to different people who benefited from the programme and most of them thanked the main organisers and church leaders of Nazarene for having such a programme in the Caprivi Region as most people living in the informal settlement areas and villages are suffering and do not have food to eat.

The Church of Nazarene was opened in the Caprivi in 2005 and currently has branches in areas such as Singalamwe, Masida, and Makarabani with its headquarters in Cowboy.

The food was distributed from 20 -30 April 2009.





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