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  • Watching the Nation

    Watching the Nation

    THE YEAR has practically ended and as we count the days to enter the New Year, we at The Caprivi Vision would like to reflect on the past year with this last edition as you travel from afar, across the four corners of the country to join your loved ones in celebrating your sweat to […]

  • When The Police Become A Threat To Media Freedom

    Recent interrogation by notorious Nampol crew members of the Caprivi High Treason case with the editor of The Caprivi Vision Mr. Risco Lumamezi, on the telephonic interview conducted October 22, 2015 with Mr. Mishake Muyongo an exile politician is a signal of sabotaging the fundamental freedom of expression and media enshrined in the Namibian Constitution. […]

  • Serve people first

    Recent public announcement by Katima Mulilo Mayor,Charles Matengu on some of the   achievements made by his Council in the last five years is a welcome news. This has proven that the council which could not be able to pay salaries of its workers for three months in the past, which could  down size its workforce […]

  • Rural Reform

    GOVERNMENT fear to give more powers to regions in this country will deprive   development to the rural people who are in poverty. 17 years have passed,  when the  decentralisation policy  was adopted in 1997 which was made to bring and take away government more closer to the people. Since the adoption of the National Policy […]

  • Police should protect people

    Behaviours of our police force are extremely out of hand in acting unprofessional and barbaric when dealing matters of the community. Not so long late last month a young woman was allegedly murdered by members of the police in Windhoek when the group of the children of the liberation struggle were protesting against employment opportunities. […]

  • WENELA Residents belongs to which Constituency?

    Unprecedented push and pull factions between government, residents and the traditional leaders on who owns WENELA has just brought the war of words among the electorate. Some residents of that area who most of them are former farm workers have refused to honour the eviction order by the office of the regional governor   which claims […]

  • Caprivi saga needs a political solution

     THE long standing hot issues of the Caprivi over the years in Namibia  have just created some repercussions in a society that is still claiming that the Caprivi Strip was unilaterally created by God according to its geographical set -up.  A long trial of the Caprivi  treason had yet been described as the longest trial […]

  • Gender based violence must be scrutinised

    While the nation is mourning the souls of those died and the government on power is putting attest stiffer sentence on gender based violence against women and a girl child perpetuated by men in this country. Some critics are advocating for the introduction of death penalty as the solution to the problem in a society […]

  • Good-bye 2013, Welcome 2014

    -Editorial-   THE year 2013 is practically ending and as we look back counting days and months that went by to enter the New Year 2014.  We at The Caprivi Vision would like to reflect on some tangible events and issues that made headlines in this paper.  Now that, as we are kicking the year […]

  • We need more Medical Doctors in Katima

    We still not understand why we do not have specialised medical doctors at Katima Mulilo State Hospital?   For the last 23 years since Namibia gained its independence, people of this region have been referred to neighboring State Hospitals such as Rundu and Windhoek for medical care due to lack of medical doctors in Katima […]

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