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  • UNAM should bring key faculties in Katima Mulilo

    UNAM should bring key faculties in Katima Mulilo

    University of Namibia (UNAM) should consider bringing the most key important faculties and schools at Katima Mulilo Campus, those that would help the local (Caprivian) students to further their studies and  contribute to the economic development of the country. Just imagine that since the reform of the College of Education  which  was established by the […]

  • Govt should create more jobs

    Editorial GOVERNMENT of the Republic of Namibia should boldly take the decision to answer to the public out-cry of the young people by creating permanent jobs to the jobless Namibians. Of recent, the Namibian youth have raised their voice to the Namibian government to be given jobs, of which President Dr. Hage Geingob has been […]

  • Street vendors should be considered

    -Editorial- REPERCUSSION of arrests, evictions and confiscations against the poor street vendors in Namibia, is a slap resulted to frustrations that ended-up protesting. As ordinary people, who survives in selling their products through vending, those who have suffered much since March 2020 when the country was completely under the lock down of COVID-19, they are […]

  • When the name becomes a threat

    -Editorial- CALLS by a newly formed anti-secessionist group in Katima Mulilo has yet brought a new dawn of hit debates among the Caprivians. As the group is advocating for denouncement of the name called Caprivians, as popularly pronounced by the people in the former mighty Caprivi now renamed as Zambezi Region and the world in […]

  • Govt must inject funds to Katima Abattoir

    THE doubts by the government in not allocating funds to the envisaged project, that has been transformed into a company called Zambezi Meat Company (ZAMCO), which took over from Meatco in Katima Mulilo serving as the vehicle that would boost the local economy and contribute much to the GDP of Namibia should be seen as […]

  • Installations of pre-paid water system must go away

    -EDITORIAL- UNPRECEDENTED implementation of the botched new pre-paid water system in the town of Katima Mulilo which was launched April 6, 2018 without consulting the electorates and entire residents’ shows signs of bad governance and mis-conducts of the Councillors and the administrator of the town. This is an expensive project that is earmarked to fork–out […]

  • Can harmful Cultural practices among girl child justifiable?

    THE smear advocacy to eliminate some of the harmful practices inspired in the traditional ceremonies such as sikenge, among the Caprivian young women be acceptable towards decreasing the escalating spread of sexual transmitting diseases? The question that still need to be answered under the auspices of whether to renew our culture in the name of […]

  • Caprivi Vision turns 15

    April 30, marks the birth of The Caprivi Vision Newspaper as an independent community/Regional Newspaper in Namibia. This year we are celebrating our 15 years of independent reporting, since 2002 April 30. When the new born baby called the Caprivi Vision was born in the print media landscape of Namibia, whereas most of the newspapers […]

  • Is Easter Celebrated in the approved manner?

    Easter is a Christian festival which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The bible says Christ died on the cross on Good Friday and resurrected three days later, Luke 24. Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing the spices which they had prepared, […]

  • Know your worth

    I’m sure there are a handful of us who have been involved in a three-person relationship, thinking that you might be the main chick, while you are the side chick. The guy feeling both your heads up with lies and promises. The ride or die that believes ‘this too shall pass’. It is all twisted, […]

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