Caprivi party fails to meet Pohamba

Mr. Crispin Matongo, Chairperson and Mr. Dasken Mulisa the Secretary of UDP Visit Caprivi Vision Office
By Risco Lumamezi

The recent visit of United Democratic Party (UDP) to meet President of the Republic of Namibia, Hifikepunye Pohamba and other pressure groups in Windhoek proved futile.
The current leadership of the banned political party (UDP) which seeking to secede the Caprivi region have openly opted to convince the various institutions ,ambassadors of embassies in Namibia , high profile individuals including the Namibian President to bring the Caprivi High Treason case to an end.
The concerned leaders Mr. Crispin Matongo, Chairperson Mr. Dasken Mulisa the Secretary of UDP told Caprivi Vision “The appointments proved futile as the majority of the heads of the institutions and Embassy(s) were out of the country during our stay visit in Windhoek from 18 to 25 October 2010”
The purpose of their appointments was to solicit contributions towards the Caprivi Case, which dragged on for 11 years and more in existence, through court proceedings that resulting to postponements.
“However, nothing has been done or seem to be seriously to bring the case to an end. We therefore make a continual call to these institutions to consider this case in relation to the applicable laws,” read a statement, which was handed to the office of the president and other embassies in Windhoek.
Angry leaders also argue that the Namibian constitution provides for fair trial in article 12 that all the accused persons shall receive fair trial , and that fair trial shall be done within a reasonable time and that failing to exercise fair trail within an area of reasonable time , the accused shall be released.
“Note, in their case the detainees have been deprived of their constitutional right and opportunity to be heard on a fair legal basis” they said
“Note further, section 6(b) of the criminal procedure Act No.51 of 1977 empowers the president to instruct the prosecution team to stop the trial against the accused as the only remedy in this matter now. In our opinion this is a case on the basis of which the president should help to intervene and assist his subjects in line with the above mentioned section”

They have also emphasised that the case should be treated as a political case that requires a political solution. “ In our view , interfering with Judiciary has to do with ordering and directing the Presiding Officer ( Magistrate or Judge) to rule a certain way , especially that which favours the state and disadvantages the accused.”

UDP leaders in the Caprivi region have also institutions and individual Namibians sympathise with their fellows to call for the urgent release of the Caprivians who are in prison.

“On the issue of National Security: some mighty perceive it that upon the release of the Caprivi High Treason Detainees, they will create public disorder, national insecurity and many more injustices. No, this shall not be the case, but we only expect them to welcome that spirit of the wind of change and have they reintegrated in the society peacefully.”

During their visit in Windhoek the capital of Namibia they handed over their statement for appointment to the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR), Ombudsman, Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN) President of the SADC Tribunal, Mr. Henk Mudge, Mr. Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, Dr. Bishop Kameeta, Embassy of USA, Gemany,Britain, France, Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, UN Office in Namibia, European Union and His Excellency President Hikepunye Pohamba of the Republic of Namibia.





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