Caprivi NAMPOL team prepares for 2012 Championships

By Simon Liseli

Namibian police (NAMPOL) Soccer team of the Caprivi region is in preparations for 2012 NAMPOL annual sports championships that will kick off from the 27th of August to the 1st of September 2012 in Mariental town of Hardap region in the South.

NAMPOL annual sport championships is an event where talented police officers gather to take part in various sporting codes with the aim of interacting and displaying their fitness against their colleagues from various regions whereas championship serve as a tool for creating a spirit of ‘esprit de corps’ among the police officers.

Mr. JJ Carlos Sililo, Caprivi region Nampol team coach

Mr. Carlos JJ Sililo working for the Directorate of sport in Caprivi was appointed by the senior regional sport officer Mr. Ben Lumponjani to coach the NAMPOL team for Caprivi after his office was approached by police headquarter in Katima Mulilo to request for Mr. Sililo to coach the team for the coming NAMPOL championships to be hosted in Hardap region south of the country and because of his experience in coaching he was appointed to be coaching the team during their training after working hours in preparing for the competition.

In an interview with the Caprivi Vision Sport Mr. Sililo appreciated NAMPOL headquarter in Katima Mulilo who came up with the idea to approach the regional sport office with the request to keep him busy after his working hours that has reminded him the experience he had in coaching soccer players in the previous years .

Mr. Sililo was a coach for Katima Wanderers and Space Age football club in 2009 to 2010 he also worked as the under 20 regional team coach and now has been asked to assist NAMPOL regional team as its head coach.

“It’s a special request from our headquarter in Katima to assist the regional team which is preparing for NAMPOL championships which will kick off end of this month at Mariental in the south” Mr. Sililo said.

He said their training had now turned a month which is being done after working hours at Katima Mulilo sport complex and their team is composed of 23 players who are busy preparing to bring medals to Katima at the end of the games. In the squad they are young talented and skilled players whom be believes will come back with medals and selected to the national team which will represent NAMPOL in the Southern African Development Commitee (SADC) police competitions to be hosted in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia next year.

“There are young talented and skilled players in our team and five (5) of them are seniors, I call them seniors because they have been playing in these type of competitions for 3 years now and their experience is of importance to guide others who have just joined” quashed the coach.

Mr. Sililo Extended his big appreciation to NAMPOL who are managing to organise and host these competitions to keep NAMPOL officers fit with their sports knowledge and skills obtained from schools, “How I see our training I don’t have a doubt that we will win if the games will be played fair and free, my hope and belief is that we will make it unless if there will be something which will happen” he noted.

He appealed to residents of the region to support NAMPOL regional team by advising them or teach them new soccer skills for them to be motivated and encouraged to perform well during the competition, “Support from our local community will encourage and motivate players to do more than better” he added.
During the championships competition players will learn new skills from one another that will help them to improve, “As a coach I will also learn new skills from other coaches and I like that since coaching is my ambition” he lamented.






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