Caprivi Governor condemns Prejudice ‘SMS’

By Simon Liseli

Caprivi Regional Governor Hon.Alfea Lawrence Sampofu has condemned a short message service (sms) that circulated amongst cell phone recipients shortly after the death of SWAPO Councillor Felix ‘Njangula’ Kabuku Mukupi on June 16.

The message that has been described as hurtful, distasteful and prejudice, reads that Mukupi, who served as the Sibbinda Councillor and as a member of management for Caprivi regional committee, was a tribalist and puppet that deserved to die the way he did.

SWAPO Sibbinda Councillor, Felix ‘Njangula’ Kabuku Mukupi died on car accident June 16, 2012

Councillor Mukupi , along with a 16 year school girl Betty Sitwala, died in an accident when he lost control of his vehicle, which was also carrying five other occupants who survived, when it veered of the road and overturned several times before it came to a standstill after it smashed hitting a tree.

On the day of the fatal accident, Mukupi had just been elected as a SWAPO Party District Mobiliser at the Sibbinda District rally that was held at Masokotwani village situated, some 40 kilometres south of Katima Mulilo town. He lost control on his way back into town at the turn-off between Kalumba and Mafuta.
“We lost an illiterate politician, a tribalist, a puppet, a rebel leader, and a problematic one who doesn’t know how to read and write. it’s a loss to his family. He witched John Pandeni, still he died like him last night, may his soul rot in hell. Honourable puppet Mukupi Njangula he’s no more Car accident, forward to all Subias and Oshiwambos” reads the message.
Sampofu has described the message and embarrassing stunt aimed to tarnish Mukupi’s legacy saying an investigation has be instituted to trace the author of the derogatory message.

“Never have I in my life have I ever came across such unsympathetic behaviour that leads a human to speak evil of another being. Name calling and insults of the dead is highly disrespectful.What kind of person does this? Even if Mukupi was your enemy, you still cannot say such words. It is like violating the dead . I have informed the police and requested them to investigate this matter. I have hope for the apprehension of the culprit to be brought to book and punished” said Sampofu in an unapologetic tone.
Sampofu described Mukupi as a loyal citizen who worked unselfishly serving in the SWAPO party. Mukupi managed to get Sibbinda Constituency back into the ruling party’s support after nearly losing it out to Rally of Democracy and Progress party (RDP) in 2009.

“Mukupi also helped many residents and overlooked their tribal and ethic grounds, by means of financial support and generous donations.” Said Caprivi Governor .

Caprivi Governor Hon. Alfea Lawrence Sampofu condemns Prejudice ‘SMS’

A family member, who declined to be named, told Caprivi Vision that the message has left many of them filled with disgust and urged people to refrain from forwarding it to each other as the family is trying to put Mukupi to rest.

The family has appealed to residents of the region to refrain from destroying each other aspirations, saying “We should build not destroying each other. If the late Mukupi did someone wrong in the past, we should learn to forgive.”

“That SMS was written and sent to people by a resident of the region (Caprivi). “Why are the Subia’ tribe mentioned in the message? It seems the person who sent the SMS to others might be in the know how of what caused the accident. Why are such hurtful remarks used? He or she should be traced and explain to the nation why they conceived such a message as it may infuse more tribalism in the region.” the family member said.

Another resident from Sibbinda Constituency condemned the short message service(sms) saying it was tribal “ I urge Mafwe people to learn that some other individuals they only appreciate you when you are alive but when you are no more (dead) they will denounce your political position” He said that the late Mukupi showed an example to the nation that in life you can be successful in regardless of educational background . He further called for the unit within the party members and leaders.

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