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Can harmful Cultural practices among girl child justifiable?

THE smear advocacy to eliminate some of the harmful practices inspired in the traditional ceremonies such as sikenge, among the Caprivian young women be acceptable towards decreasing the escalating spread of sexual transmitting diseases?

The question that still need to be answered under the auspices of whether to renew our culture in the name of the universal fundamental rights and conventions of the United Nations is debatable.

Traditional henchmen and community mobilizers fastened in this campaigns, and other institutions should be otherwise be listened.

Our respected lawmakers including the religious leaders and the entire community should be urgently mobilized to find the best possible ways on how to bring these harmful practices linked in our values and norms.

Much has been said on the right and wrong of sikenge which literally means the female initiation ceremony, but this motive to stop or break the silence among young women of the Caprivian people under the pretext of the transmission of the scourge of HIV and AIDS is not justified, as some of the practices when abolished will change the traditional norms and values of the new generation to come.

Though, in the past people were not allowed to speak and talk about these practices as it was a taboo for that matter, even talking about sex was also seen as an insult.

But today this unprecedented actions to eliminate and condemn these practices which were done by our ancestors in the past are tantamount to the mass destruction or sabotaging the customary rights we supposed to enjoy as the cultural heritage which embraces the next generation to come.

Therefore, this should be taken into account that some of these practices which have been described as harmful to human dignity existed from the ancient time as an identity of our African culture.

Am afraid if these values and norms of a certain culture which are cemented under the roots and veins of a tribe is changed to protect and fit the aspirations of the other cultures will perhaps going to permanently kill such a powerful tradition forevermore….







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