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Botswana to respond on Namibian refugees’ repatriation saga

By Risco Lumamezi

 BOTSWANA Defence, Justice and Safety Minister Shaw Khati will either deny nor respond to the concerns raised by the 903 Namibian refugees currently in Dukwi refugee camp.

This was confirmed by the deputy secretary to the minister who preferred to be called Ms. Mogani, when Caprivi Vision probed to have a telephonic interview with Minister Khati on the recent reports of the repatriation of 903 Namibian refugees.

“The minister is still busy, he should consult the president on the matter before speaking to the media” stressed Ms. Mogani.

BOTSWANA Defence, Justice and Safety Minister Shaw Khati

In a letter submitted to Botswana’s Ministry of Defence , Justice and Safety, on April 18, echoed that “ On a sad note again, with due suspect we suspect that Botswana has shared our individual personal file information with Namibia, collected during our arrival in Botswana. There is no how Namibia could do profiling with regard to us refugees in Botswana without having access to our confidential information.”

The concerned exiled Caprivians thanked the host Botswana Government for their refuge since their arrival in 1998 in that country.

“We are not happy with this act; in itself is a breach of international protection of Refugees, we now wonder how Botswana is going to protect us, and from whom? Because we fled from Namibia whose aim is to destroy us. Our enemy number one is Namibia which is occupying our Country illegally”. Said the statement.

Caprivi Vision understands that the Namibian refugees in Dukwi refugee camp have refused the forceful repatriation deal, and expressed their concerns in the letter submitted to the Cabinet of Botswana government through Hon. Khati, accusing Botswana that it has shared personal confidential information with the Namibian government to tarnish their refugee status.

Meanwhile, at the time of going for press, Private Secretary to the Minister of Defence, Justice and Safety, Mr Solomon Mphopho, confirmed to this paper that the questionnaires should be referred to the Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation Dr. Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi for more clarity since the repatriation is an issue between two nations, therefore it needs to be rooted through International affairs.

“It should be done at a high level.” said Mr Mphopho.






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