BDF harass us, we demand closure of Botswana port

File photo, BDF Soldiers

Dear Editor,

Allow me a space in your newspaper to express my view as follows:

We are still having a big problem with Botswana at our village “Impalila”, the BDF usually patrol with their boat near Namibia side.

After all they threaten us that, the river it’s not ours, so due to the law they should just patrol at their side only.

However, Botswana does not have petrol or fuel but they demand fuel from us in Namibia, and they don’t produce fuel there in Botswana.

 We don’t want the Namibian President Dr. Hage Geingob to give them fuel from now onwards.

Whenever, we see them we feel so bad because of our late three (3) brothers who were killed and shot by BDF Soldiers.

We don’t want to go to Botswana anymore, we have been forced to go to Botswana by our president, and at our side we will not go there… because we are heart broken.

Nevertheless, we did not know about the dry port at Walvis Bay which was given to Botswana, we therefore demand the closure and the the movement by Botswana authority from that port should be reduced, and must be stopped forever.

I hope my letter will be taken into considerations,

Concerned Zambezi Resident

Mr. Michael Mayumbelo







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