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African Commission asks CCG to submit arguments

Amid response by the Namibian government has challenged, the Caprivi Concerned Group to submit their arguments within 30 days.

 By Staff Reporter

 The African Commission on Human and People’s Rights has asked the Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) to respond to arguments submitted by the Namibian government, on the alleged mass-grave and other forms of torture, fundamental rights and freedoms violated by the Namibian authority in the Caprivi Strip.

In its recent letter dated December 16, 2016 issued to Mr Edwin Samati, Secretary General of the Caprivi Concerned Group“I write to inform you that the Respondent State transmitted its Submissions on the Admissibility of the Above-referenced Communication, herewith attached.” Said Dr.Mary Maboreke, Secretary to the Commission.

This official letter of communication with the Caprivi Concerned Group is a notification that “In that regard, kindly be informed that in accordance with Rule 105(3) of the Rules of Procedure of the Commission, you may submit your Observations on the said Submissions, if any, within one (1) month of receipt of this notification”

However, Mr Samati told Caprivi Vision that “the letter is just information that Namibia has submitted its argument on admissibility, and we are given a month to comment (submit our observations) on their arguments!”

In September this year the Namibian Sun reported that the continental body warned that if allegations of gross violation of human-and other rights are true, the Namibian government would be guilty of acting contrary to rights guaranteed in the African Charter and other regional and international instruments.

Mr Edwin Samati, Secretary General of the Caprivi Concerned Group

Mr Edwin Samati, Secretary General of the Caprivi Concerned Group

The African body commissioned to monitor the human and peoples rights is based in the capital Banjul of Gambia, stated in its letter on September 2 addressed to the Namibian President Dr. Hage Geingob to intervene by providing clarity on the matter of concerns of violations.

CCG, Secretary General mentioned to Caprivi Vision in an exclusive interview that, since its inception in 2012, his organisation has been advocating for a solution to reach a political dialogue with the Namibian government under the leadership of former Prime Minister Nahas Angula who turned down the dialogue pointing the fact that the Caprivi leader Mr. Mishake Muyongo should apologise to the Namibian government in order to compromise.

In the same vain as well the former Namibian  head of State, Hifikepunye Pohamba also refused, followed by the current Prime Minister Saara Kuuongelwa –Amadhila who refused and lastly President Hage Geingob has rejected a political dialogue.

“With our understanding how could people agree to referendum without dialogue we are trying a peaceful solution calling for dialogue to compromise solution,” said Mr. Samati.