Acquitted high treason suspect in court again

By Staff Reporter

A Former high treason trail awaiting prisoner, Mr Herbert Mbozi Mutahane is facing charges of Defeating the course of justice, Obstructing a Police Officer in the execution of his duties and Malicious damage to property.

He made his first brief appearance on June 3, this year in the Katima Mulilo District Court after his arrest on June 2, at his home village Masida by the Namibian Police.

Mr Herbert Mbozi Mutahane
Mr Herbert Mbozi Mutahane

According to the police statement, “It is alleged that when the high treason members who were serving summons for state appeal on him;he grabbed the summons and tear them up.”

However, according to him He told this paper that Nampol Police Inspector assigned to investigate the Caprivi High Treason Case Mr Evans Simasiku went to his village ( Masida) on May 31, 2016.

“ When he arrived he asked my elder brother Fedelis Mutahane to sign a 47 page document and then after signing the document they called me and explained to me about the document and I then asked them why they signed the document and gave it to my brother and I told them they were wrong in forcing my brother to sign it and I then told the police to follow the right procedure in making me signing the documents which were signed by my brother”

After carefully reading the documents, he saw where his brother signed “ I tore the documents then after that the two police officers held my hands and told me that they will open a case against me for torn the document of the government” said Mr Mutahane.

He also added that he was old enough to be represented by his elder brother “I’m 36 years old , I have a right to decide what to do therefore this was the mistake of the police…then I told them I cannot sign the document without my lawyer”

The accused Mr Mutahane was last appeared before magistrate Sibanda on June 23, 2016 and will make his third appearance in the Katima Mulilo District Court on September 21, 2016.

The suspect was arrested on 02 June 2016 and is currently out on bail of N$1000-00.
He is among the 35 long trail awaiting suspects of the Caprivi High Treason Case who were discharged by Judge Elton Hoff on September 14, 2015.






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