ACC Visits Caprivi

By Staff Reporter
The Anti-Corruption Commission has finally concluded its consultative workshops in the country on the development of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy Framework with the Caprivi being the last.
Workshop participants were picked-up from all sectors of the society in Caprivi region and were facilitated by Mrs. Regina Ndopu-Lubinda, Chief Regional Officer for Caprivi Regional Council, while at the same time proposals were adopted by ACC Technical team.

Mr. Paulus Kalomoh Noah, Director of Anti-Corruption Commission
Mr. Paulus Kalomoh Noah, Director of Anti-Corruption Commission

Speaking at the recently just ended workshop was Mr. Paulus Kalomoh Noah, Director of Anti-Corruption Commission who emphasised that since February 1, 2006 President Hifikepunye Pohamba has commissioned ACC with its mandate under the Anti-Corruption Act No.8 of 2003.

“ We must not forget about economic development, we need to promote ethics,” said Mr. Noah.
He said that the economic development is affected by those who want to get more “ we need to speak with one voice ” cautioned Noah.
The Anti –Corruption Commission has been holding public seminars since its establishment in 2006 on how to combat corruption, which composed of bribery, favoritism, nepotism and silence corruption.

He warned all public servants who just come in the office and leave their jackets on the chair while doing there on interest.
He also lambasted at the foreign company owners who come in Namibia under the pretext of investment and later on divert their activities into bribery by corrupting public figures who are on key positions.

ACC Director mentioned that other ways of corruption are foreign corruption in paying commissions to companies, which is called bribery in getting free concession period of investors.
He added that this being done by “Unscrupulous Namibians who only care about themselves who are on key decision making ”Namibia has so far signed and ratified Lusaka protocol on corruption when it was still the chair of SADC at the time.
“ The media should do proper investigations and has a role to play in exposing corruption”
Mr. Noah urged that Namibia should move faster rather than stagnant and need Namibians to be employed and committed to socio-economic development.
“ It is corruption that projects are not accounted for and funds to be budgeted again and again,” warned Mr. Noah.

He said national interest must be ahead of all things and that political accountability; service delivery, civil society and media should expose corruption and the protection of whistle blowers.
He further said that Traditional leaders also practice corruption by giving away the land to people with big pockets.

Meanwhile, Acting Caprivi Governor, Honorable David Muluti officiated the gathering by commending that corruption is the manifestation of poor ethic and accountability.
He also defined corruption as a conflict of interest in public and private interest in properties and families in holistic and intimacy relations.

Acting Caprivi Governor, Honorable David Muluti
Acting Caprivi Governor, Honorable David Muluti

“To curb corruption is transparency, we should report public, civil society and the media” he said.
He further called for the speedy implementation of the national strategy framework.
“Let us all fight corruption,” concluded Muluti.

However, in 2010/2011 financial year, Anti- Corruption Commission has sofar received 297 reports of alleged corrupt practices and 55 cases referred to the Prosecutor General for criminal prosecution.
In its National Urban Corruption Perception Survey Report of 2011 narrates that Ministry of Finance was the most corrupt toping on the list with 11.6 %, with the Intelligence and Auditor General Office is the least corrupt showed 0.10 percent. While the Government Institutions Pension Fund was perceived to be the most corrupt with 37.7 percent compared to the Social Security Commission or Local Authority Councils.






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