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Above-normal rainfall still expected in Zambezi

…amid flash floods expected  

A public toilet in the CBD of Katima Mulilo is submerged with some of the Flash floods caused by the rainfall

By Risco Lumamezi

Above-normal rainfall is still expected in the Zambezi region after the region has received more rainfall since January 4, 2022.

Zambezi is one of the bulks of the Southern African region (SADC) usually receive normal to above-normal rainfall during rainy season between the period of October to December, and January to March every year.

According to the Chief Forecaster Operations at Namibia Meteorological Service, Mr. Odilo Kgobetsi told Caprivi Vision that the current above-normal rainfall will still remain for the next 10 days causing flash floods in Zambezi region.

Mr. Odilo Kgobetsi, Chief Forecaster Operations at Namibia Meteorological Service

He added that the current heavy rainfall is caused by the very nice type of tropical system with low pressure systems, which is based over the areas of Zambia having a part towards Angola and DRC which normally triggers the system to bring a lot of moisture and rain.

For the last three (3) days ,the Zambezi region has recorded an average reading above 40 millimeters per-day.

More rains in the Zambezi region has derived the central and western part of Namibia which is not normal due to the rainfall pattern, which is higher compared to the west of Namibia which is lower in the Namib desert , and this has changed the rainy season due to global climate change.

The weatherman further advised citizens to be on the lookout that the rain is still expected for the next few weeks which he sees as a negative effect to other activities, but very positive for farming activities.

“The rain will still persist…will continue for the next couple of days because we are having an outlook for the next 10 days, we are seeing that we should have more rains within 24 hours of more than 15 millimeters so they will be accumulation per-day then we should expect that this will persist for the next couple of days which is unfortunate for some activities but for other activities it will be on the positive side” concluded Mr Kgobetsi

Current water level of Zambezi River as on Thursday January 13,2022

Some water catchment areas in the North Eastern Angola, Southern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and North Western Zambia that flow waters into the Zambezi River normally cause flood in the Zambezi region.

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