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About Us

April 30, 2002 marked the birth of THE CAPRIVI VISION as the only first black youthful independent regional/community newspaper under the editorship of Mr. Risco Mashete Lumamezi.

Office of The Caprivi Vision Newspaper in Katima Mulilo

Since then it has been gathering community news surrounding issues of politics and democracy,  and sharing it with the rest of the country and other cross border countries of Southern Africa.

In Namibia , most newspapers are based in the capital Windhoek , rural dwellers in the remote areas do not have a platform  to present their voices of concerns in a language they understand , to those delegated with the responsibility to govern them.

However, only few indigenous language newspapers currently exist in Namibia, such as The Caprivi Vision Newspaper, which is published in English and siLozi and mainly distributed in Katima Mulilo , in the region and entire country.

Goals and Objectives

Creating the reading culture by informing, educating and entertaining the nation on what is happening. Expanding the distribution channels in moving the community Newspaper from weekly into a daily.

The Caprivi Vision Newspaper will increase diversity in Namibian media, enlarging possibilities for the rural population to participate in  stimulating debates through reporting and writing of editorials in promoting freedom of expression, by strengthening the role of the media in the progress of democracy, peace and tolerance.

The aim perhaps, is to bring the newspaper closer to the people in the remote areas in order to help them make their informed decisions.

The publication is currently published in town of Katima Mulilo.

We promise to continue with our mandate of providing a voice to the voiceless, without any fear of political or corporate intimidation.

Long Live The Caprivi Vision Newspaper!

Newspaper Reg.No: 14/2/98

Tel: +264 66 253162
Mobile phone :+264 812588781
Fax: 088614723

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Physical Address : NDC Building ,Lenchwe Street , Plot no :1127 , Katima Mulilo

P.O.BOX 2011