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Abduction of Moses Matemwa by Evans Simasiku

Dear Editor, kindly publish this article in your esteemed newspaper both online and print.

We learnt with shock to hear about the ordeal Mr Moses Matemwa, a retired former Induna at Linyanti Khuta. We cannot understand the justifications taken as to why this old man would be forced to testify in court. We demand an apology which the government and the Namibian judiciary owe to Mr Matemwa and his family for the terrible tribulation endured during and after testifying under duress. We are ashamed of this action but not surprised because this is an indicative of the true and reality of Simasiku, the Namibian court system and a desperate found wanting government.

Mr. Dunbar Mushwena
Chairperson: Caprivi Consultative Committee

The CCC would like to reiterate to this ill thought and barbaric action – seeking answers from the government and in the person of Evans Simasiku the so called Special leading Detective in the Caprivi Treason Trial Case as follows:

What kind of evidence does the government and its operatives wants to get from this old man, more critical a blind man? We question how many times will the government of Namibia want to count as disappointments as dubious action and humiliation decisions. It is far from being convinced what kind of evidence the court would get from this elderly blind man. We fail to imagine why the interest of justice cannot be saved in this case? We cannot understand the reasoning of the Namibian court system and its government why they are still pursuing the case calling for more witnesses but fail to pay the compensation of those who were legally acquitted?

Simasiku and the government should never pretend as if they don’t know what happened. Imagine for an 88- years -old man blind for that matter to experience such a depressive situation for unfounded reason without or with apology. For Simasiku and H.E Hage Geingob, how would you feel if this was your father, brother and /or uncle being treated that way? Shame on you for subjecting an old man in such a horrible situation. We pray for justice to be done one day.

We are deeply worried and concerned about the distressful and depressing situation this innocent old man has endured and we fear that after undergoing such a vicious anguish this government will abandon this man to leave with depression for life. As the case might be, there is a high possibility that this cruel Simasiku made thorn in our fresh will continue to intimidate him as happened to many of those who were acquitted from prison. This small God in the Caprivi “Simasiku” has tormented many people and is a nightmare in many lives and he is working every minute to torture more. This is not an assumption but a definite reality, we have seen our fellow countrymen dying and leaving under express duress and fear. In all fairness Mr. Moses Matemwa should have been treated with respect and dignity that every elderly person in Namibia deserves.

We are closely watching and monitoring the outcome from the government how deep it will dig in their intervention into this serious case which require their condemnation of the action of this cruel man. We remain optimistic if the government and judiciary system of Namibia will live to their expectation over this alarming case of this old blind man. We cannot understand if ever the Namibian court is aware that this man was blind four years prior to the activities that led to this case in court. For those legal minded people, we fail to understand the reasonableness of compelling an old blind person to testify against his will not withstanding the credibility of such evidence obtained without consent or by force.

The government should know and be aware that Detective Evans Simasiku is a thorn in our fresh, is seen as an enemy among the Caprivians, therefore we fail to understand why police service cannot transfer him elsewhere, why the court system is still using him to continue torturing, tormenting and continue agonising people in the Caprivi particularly in this perpetual Caprivi Treason Trial Case. Caprivians believe Simasiku’s service can be utilised somewhere else other than in the Caprivi. Caprivians also need peace but not to wait and witness his death for their peace to come.

Caprivians have had enough of harassments, bulling and intimidations, therefore a solution need to be found and that is self-determination that will see the end and closure to this suffering. We want to warn many of you that you should all expect that, all what happened to Mr Matemwa is more likely to continue and it might occur to any of you. We all need to stand up against this atrocious inhuman treatment that we are experiencing with this government. We know that Mr Evans Simasiku is a government operative supported by the government.

To the President of the Republic of Namibia, this is a test and an opportunity for your government to take an action to resolve the Caprivi Case. The issue of the Caprivians in prison is long overdue in your office. Caprivians and the world are waiting for your prompt action over the case.

We also understand your fear and position when it comes to take an action because we remember your unsatisfactory answers you provided when you responded to a question in Parliament from Mr Benson Poniso Kaapala and that of former Member of Parliament, Mr Alfred Namayabona Chilinda during your visit to Katima Mulilo. In your response you lacked understanding, political knowledge and fear of the unknown.

You need to understand that Caprivians are suffering under your watch without taking an action to resolve the Caprivi Case. You should listen to yourself and learn to understanding that you are ruling the Caprivi Strip illegally and later forcefully annexed the territory. Of cause, you and your friends owe Caprivians an apology for illegitimately occupying and ruling the Caprivi illegally.

In conclusion, the CCC demand Mr Simasiku to compensate this old man Mr Matemwa for the ill-treatment, humiliation, psychological/emotional and stress related torture experienced. We believe this old man is returned home with stressful and depressed mind therefore we seek remedy for such an agony. In addition, we request the government to find a remedy that will stop the harassment and intimidation of our people in the Caprivi. The Namibian government annexed the Caprivi Strip but fail to accept the challenges that come with the actions of annexation. There is a substantial need for the Namibian government to find a common ground to resolve the problem. The CCC is calling for all people concerned about this case to unite and work together to avoid the similar situation to happen again otherwise we will all be put on notice as we are not pruned to the aggression of this notorious government.

From: Mr. Dunbar Mushwena

Chairperson: Caprivi Consultative Committee


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