2 years for stealing a Tyre


By Aldrin Mukendwa

THE Katima Mulilo Regional Court sentenced a 30 year old man for stealing wheel tyre at Katima Brick making.

On Friday evening May 30, 2014 at about 19hrs the accused Mr. Chaka Lemmy Litebeke from Mubiza area and who stays in New Cowboy Compound stole a tyre at Katima Brick making.
“During that night when I was on my way home at about 19hrs I saw a man who usually walk around our work place standing with the truck driver at the wall fence of Katima Brick making and I went to the man and asked him where did he find the Tyre he said he found the Tyre at RCC and I knew he was lying, and I went back to him and asked him and he said he got it at Katima Brick making and he told me that I should not inform the owner of the place because he was selling it and after that he will give me money” said the state witness  (employee)
The witness further testified that the suspect never returned back to the site until the other day when he was passing by.

“I ran inside to inform the owner about the guy who stole the tyre and he went inside to check and found that it was missing and the tyre cost about N$3600.00.”
He was arrested and appeared in court on 10 of June 2014 and he was sentenced to 24 months imprisonment by magistrate William Kasitomo while Mr. Jatiel Mundamburi represented as the state prosecutor, his case no is CR/34/06/2014





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