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18 teachers, two accountants in court for fraud

By Simon Liseli

ABOUT 18 ‘ghost’ teachers and two former senior accountants of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture who were nabbed by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in the Zambezi Region on Monday and Tuesday, made their first brief appearance before the Katima Mulilo District Court Magistrate Ms. Nomusa Sibanda on Wednesday.

Eighteen (18) accused teachers are facing charges of fraud, alternative to theft and money laundering while two former senior accountants who are accused one and two face five charges of forgery, gratification and the above three charges.

18 accused teachers and two accountants outside the court after their first appearance in Katima Mulilo District Court on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.

From accused three to accused 20 were granted bail of N$ 30 000 that was suggested by the state prosecutor Mr.George Matali and was finally reduced to N$ 20 000 by magistrate Sibanda, whilst accused one and two (accountants) were denied bail because they resigned from their official duties while investigations were in process by ACC.

Magistrate Sibanda warned accused persons who were granted bail not to interfere with investigations and approach salary offices.

Their rights to legal representative were explained to all accused persons and the case was remanded to December 4, 2017 for further investigations and legal aid answers.

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